Electricity remains one of the most important inventions in history of mankind, revolutionizing the world we live, fuelling innovations. However, in the journey of power generation to multi-stage transmission & distribution and air conditioning to end consumer, there are multiple untraced and unaccounted technical and commercial leakages.

The primary reason is non-available or non- reliable data in standard form on real-time basis. Structured digital transformation is key to plugging these losses; starting from data recording accuracy and discipline to decision support tools and latter benefitting from new age technologies of IoT, AI and machine learning.

We strive to bring transparency and reliability in scalable and cost-effective manner and offer services ranging from custom requirement mapping, detailed business blue print preparation, software suite and vendor evaluation to project management support.

Our Services Include:

Digital Enterprise Solution

We offer solutions capturing the entire life-cycle of utility projects from raw material and input sourcing to project development, production,
transmission and distribution to billing, collections and customer management.

We help identify the right solution and software suite based on requirement analysis, evaluate vendors and participate in negotiations, contract award and get it implemented.

The key solutions we work along are:

Full Suite ERP

We have experience with large enterprise suites such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft as well as custom offerings from RAMCO, DeskEra.

Billing Management System

We help define framework for managing customer billing, credit management and back-office operations such as invoice processing, collections and revenue receipts. We support in techno-commercial evaluation of solution.

Asset Monitoring Systems

We provide advisory for critical asset monitoring- sensors and software and also design analytics on top it to assess performance. We provide mobility and app support to field force for real-time data feed and availability.


In an increasingly competitive market, it becomes of utmost important for utility companies to equip their salespeople with tools to effectively manage and grow their existing accounts – and acquire new accounts.

Our utilities industry expertise coupled with engineering skills helps us deliver on the promise to our clients providing tools and knowledge they need to win, serve and retain their customers. We have experience with popular CRM suites such as- SAP C4C, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Zoho and also with custom developed applications.

Project Management

We offer integrated platform for managing all aspects of utility Projects from proposal and bidding to commissioning and operation. You can effectively collaborate with stakeholders across the supply chain; minimize cost and schedule overruns, control project risks and issues,

Custom Product Development

We are technology agnostic custom application developers with command on multiple technologies (.Net, Java, Sharepoint, Ajax,php ), databases (mySQL, SQL, Oracle, SAP HANA) and integration capability with large ERP suites like SAP, Oracle or custom ERPs.

We bring a deep understanding of the utility industry and business processes to guide our clients in most cost-effective solution and employ agile principles in utility industry. Our experience in custom development includes but not limited to:

  • Billing System
  • CRM
  • Field Force Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Vendor Management

BI Advisory

Utility companies possess untapped business opportunities in their data assets be it plant performance, customer billing, procurement and vendor data, transmission or personnel data.

Analysis is done at different levels in their silos, however, there is need of a common platform with single version of truth providing automated reports as well as fact-based analysis to support decision making.  BI solutions offer this functionality.

We provide expert end-to-end service and support from the exploration of business needs, through the data management, collection and transformation up to the final visualization stages.

We offer Boxed BI solutions (Tableau, Qlikview, Cognos, Klipfolio, PowerBI) as well as custom developed BI solutions.


Our Awesome Team

Vivek Singh
Team Lead