Software Tester

 *   To perform software tests to ensure quality
  *   4-5 Year experience
  *   Review and prepare of software requirements
  *   Preparation of test cases
  *   Preparation of test scripts
  *   Execution of tests
  *   Reporting of defects
  *   Preparation of test reports

Python Developer

1. Building scalable web application.
2. Integrating UI elements with the server side.
3. Handling Security and Data Protection.
4. Integrating front- end with SQL and NoSQL databases and ensuring its consistency.
5. Building reusable code and libraries.
6. Optimizing the code to improve its quality and efficiency.
7. ORM libraries and Django / Flask / Tornedo
8. Experience in chatbot AI framework will be a plus

AWS Developer

Experience – 4-5 years hands-on experience in AWS/Java Technology
o   2+ year experience in AWS platform
o   4-5 years of experience in Java based technologies
AWS Skills programming or development (AWS Certification is a plus)
o   Design, Develop and support applications and API development using AWS services
o   Knowledge of application integration in AWS environment
o   Knowledge in AWS API development, Creation of different AWS service like API
o   Knowledge on AWS EC2, Elastic Container Service (ECS), VPC, Autoscaling Security Groups
o   Developing application in RDS and Lambda
o      Knowledge in dynamoDB , Glue, Kinesis Programming
o   Knowledge in AWS S3 buckets programming
o   Experience working on Linux servers, Comfortable with shell scripting will be helpful
o   Experience in IAM Roles and Policies

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