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    Elegant solutions to add efficiency in your business
  • Energy and utility projects are characterised by capital intensive, long gestation periods, multiple stakeholders, and complex regulatory structures. Managing such a scale and complexity while ensuring business goals; remains a key challenge for executives.

    “85% of the reasons for failure are deficiencies in systems and processes rather than the employee.”- W. Edwards Deming

    We are committed to ensure your processes within the area for the form of making the cleaning by Maids ala mode deep cleaningand systems are in synchronization with your business objectives and help maximize profits. We take an integrated inside out approach to identifying opportunities for process improvement and getting them implemented.

    Our services range:

    Operating Model

    We offer full-suite services to design and review operating models from the blueprint for how resources are organized to accountabilities, governance, essential behaviors as well as the way people, processes and technology get integrated to deliver key capabilities.

    The design principles are carefully defined and validated with management; basis strategic objectives and “As-Is” analysis of the organizational capabilities. The next step remains identifying optimal operating model, re-organizing people and processes.

    We help our clients in this journey through implementation support, effective communication and knowledge management.

    Policies & Procedures

    Our policy and procedure consulting services cover all aspects of organizational policies and procedures. We help reviewing the existing policies as well as defining new ones.

    Our key services include:

    • Review of current policies & procedures wrt organizational strategy and best practices
    • Ensure comprehensiveness of policies and procedures
    • Define and document policies & procedures such as:
    • Process SOPs
      • Capital Asset Procurement Policy
      • IT Systems and Tools usage policy
      • Vendor Development Policy
      • Customer Policy

    Process Re-engineering

    Any business process improvement or re-engineering exercise aims at operational excellence and competitive advantage through quality or service enhancements, productivity improvement or cost optimization or any combination of these.

    We are uniquely positioned to assist you in your excellence journey be it financial or operational through our decades of experience in power and utility sector. Our key offerings remain along procurement processes, vendor management, inter-departmental collaboration, customer and collections management.

    Starting with strategic intent, we deep dive into process and activity level details to identify and prioritize opportunities. We define an optimal governance structure, project schedule and review mechanism to ensure successful execution.

    Performance Analytics

    Power and utility business generates large amount of qualitative and quantitative data while running day-to-day operations. While data point is important; it has selective relevance to certain segment or level in the organization and to others it’s good-to-have information.

    We offer an issue-based approach to design the reporting structure and facilitate data driven decision making. Depending on business life cycle, scale of operations and budgetary constraints, we also help prioritize automation and identify analytics tool and implementation partner.

    Risk Management

    “With Business Continuity at core, managing risk efficiently” is our mantra to keep our clients ahead of competition. We offer a comprehensive risk management process identifying and classifying the key risks, prioritizing and devising the address mechanism.

    We take an all -inclusive approach documenting the risk register and helping with the risk ownership and accountability structure. We provide hand-holding till the review mechanism is formalized and help in various templates.

  • Elegant solutions to add efficiency in your business

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Project development is the process and the facility of planning, organising, coordinating, and controlling the resources to accomplish specific goals. The process takes a transportation improvement from concept through construction. It has six phases; initiation, definition, design, development, implementation and follow-up.

Our Project Management Basics

Identify & Meet with Stakeholders
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Define Deliverables
Create the Project Schedule
Identify Issues and Complete a Risk Assessment
Present the Project Plan to Stakeholders


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